Borough Market

Campaign identity for world-class produce market

Borough Market is a world-class produce market with 1,000 years of heritage, based in London. It is run by a charitable trust for the benefit of the local community and welcomes visitors from far and wide. In their latest campaign, Borough Market is seeking to promote their newly extended Sunday trading hours, providing access to high quality, sustainable produce, seven days per week.

What did they need?

Borough Market needed a visual identity that matches its powerful campaign name “We Love Sundays” to announce a momentous change for the market community. It will be the first time in modern history that the market’s traders are on site seven days a week.

What did I do?

I was tasked by TwoBird to create an attractive identity for the Borough Market’s “We Love Sundays” campaign. The designs needed to build excitement and awareness for the launch of their extended trading hours into Sunday, whilst aligning with the existing brand guidelines.

My approach

I led the campaign identity to deliver a graphic experience that matches a powerful campaign name: “We Love Sundays”. I explored several designs with different arrangements of the campaign text and accompanying imagery.

In the final design, the organic shapes are inspired by the fresh produce of market traders (fruit, veg, meat, fish, bread) and alfresco dining experience. It creates a buzz around the “We Love Sundays” campaign that evokes a sense of celebration!

Key results

The "We Love Sundays" campaign was a great success and has led to a series of exciting ongoing projects that focus on seamlessly blending typography and imagery to maximise the brand's impact. These projects include the "Cookbook Club," "Personal Shopping," "Colours of Borough Market," and supporting the festive Christmas campaign.

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